Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easter Fun and A freebie!

Made by Keuntje has come out with another wonderful kit! I love the subtle shabbiness of her kits. Her elements are mostly original as she draws most of them herself and it is the same with her papers! When you buy her kits, you are getting a very original kit!

So, here is her newest release, Easter Fun:
Preview is linked.

Here is the layout I made using this fun kit and a template by Eva Ludvig.

Here is your freebie, it is a .png file, and the space where your picture goes is transparent, 
I filled it in for preview purposes. The preview is linked.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Just A Feeling...and a freebie....

Hi Everyone! I just released my new kit Just A Feeling  in my shop! These colors are great! Bright and fresh for the spring season. 15 Papers and 52 elements! And the kits is on sale! For a limited time, $2.75! Regular price is $3.50.

I added some stamps to this kit for the first time, a flourish, some feathers and a victorian frame. You use these by blending them in with your background papers, a cool effect!

 Kust A Feeling Kit

Here are all 15 papers, I like to package these seperately as they are handy for hybrid 
crafting, card making, decoupage, even wrapping paper for small gifts!

 Just A Feeling Papers

Here is a set of 6 glitter papers and 6 polkadot papers! These are a great addition 
to the kit and of course, you can use them for all the reasons I listed above!

 Just A Feeling Paper Pack Extra

Here is a beautiful quick page set. Notice on the 1st quick page how I used the flourish stamp on the wood, it looks like it has been burned into the wood. Do you see the butterflies too? 

 Just A Feeling QP Set

Glitters are so fun to use when creating layouts! These tiles are seamless and easy to use in .jpg format. use as a pattern in your program and fill any selected shape with glitter!

 Just A Feeling Glitter Set

 Here is some gorgeous inspiration that my Creative Team along with myself made. 
This kit will make endless layouts for you :)

By Cori

By Lisa

 By Kathy

 By Dana

By Jodi (Me) These layouts are also in the QP Set

So, you made it this far, you deserve a freebie or 2!
This one can be found on  my facebook page. Image is linked.

Again, notice I used the stamps..I think I will be exploring the 
usage of stamps more often, love the effect!

 TSSA Facebook Fan Page

This set of journaling cards and clusters was made by Cori Burnett
I think she is my cluster queen. I pledge my undying allegience to her!
 Blog freebie
Preview is linked to download

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Springtime by Made By Keuntje

My friend Dana of Made By Keuntje has realeased another cute kit called Springtime as part of the March BYO Carry Out offered at Scrap Takeout! Each portion of these products are only $1.00 and MBK is just one of many designers that offer their products for the BYO using the same color palette!

(Each preview is linked to it's product page.)

I made this layout using Springtime and a template by Little Green Frog Designs. This is my grandson Wyatt and his other grandmother and great grandmother.

Thank you so much for stopping in and letting me share with you!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Take It Easy and grab a Freebie!

This is my newest kit release! Take It Easy! Bright and cheerful to scrap those everyday, good time moments! This kit includes 14 papers and a whopping 48 elements and 1 alpha and numeral set!
Prices at $2.22 for a limited time (I don't know how long, at least another week)
 Take It Easy in the Shop!

There are also plenty of papers for the hybrid crafter

and an extra paper pack!

For those of you pressed for time, this QP set should do the trick! Only $1.50!

And for a little can't go wrong with adding some glitter to your layouts!

A new scrapper and layout sketch artiist has joined my creative team! Please welcome Cori Burnett!

A little about this beautiful Mom:
I'm Cori, a hard working Stay-at-Home Mom. I have 4 kids, one boy with autism (10), and three girls (9, 3, 2). My husband is a hard working diesel tech who is very much a kid himself. I often say I have 5 kids! I have way too many hobbies which include: digital scrapbooking, crocheting, and cake decorating. Part of having a child with autism, my life also revolves around occupational, speech and developmental therapy. There is always a ton of meetings, a ton of paperwork and a ton of advocating on his behalf. But I love it! We are also involved in Cub Scouts, achievement day girls (8-11 year olds), preschool activities and I’m the Secretary of the PTO.
Who here is amazed she finds time to scrap? (me, me, me!!)

Here is your inspirations to show you what this kit can do!
By Cori

 By Kathy

 By Dana

 By Lisa

 And by myself, Jodi

You made it! You reached the end and for that, you deserve this free gift made by my Creative Team and myself, coordination journaling cards measuring 3x4 inches each. preview is a direct link!


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Saturday, March 1, 2014

A few things to share today and a complimentary freebie!

I have some new items in my shop! 
Commercial Use Friendly!
Just click on the previews to go to the product page of each.
 Leafy Things Product Page

 Flowering Stars Product Page

 Swirly Whirly Product Page

I am on the Creative Team of Made By Keuntje...
She just opened her shop at Scrap Takeout today! And it's all on sale!!
I cannot say enough about this designer, a beautiful mother of 4, wife to a military husbandand she is sooo creative! You will find very little in her TOU's that gives credit to any commercial use items as she makes most of it and sometimes all of it herself! 
This makes her kits very one of a kind and special!
Here is her newest creation called 
Robot Love, absolutely adorable!!

And my layout featuring my youngest son who will be 18 in May! Whaaaat? haha. 
I used a CT friendly template by Two Tiny Turtles to create this layout.

Thank you to Made by Keuntje also for allowing me to share this free gift with you :)
You can find MBK here on Facebook or here on her blog.

And thanks for bearing with me this long! Here is your free Quick Page!

 Direct Download

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Swirly Whirly!!

Howdy Peeps!
I wanted to show you my new commercial 
use paper pack in the shop!


expires on March 1st

Use the above coupon code to save 25% off this item!!
I am only offering this code on my blog and newsletter subscribers.
That's cause you're special!!

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